Artists: Learn to build your audience and transform your career

Are you tired of

  • Performing to half empty rooms?
  • Wondering why others get the lucky breaks?
  • Living from gig to gig?
  • The fear that everything you’ve worked towards has been a waste?

There are more people in the world waiting to discover your work than you can imagine

Audience by Design

Learn how building an audience of true fans will transform your career in this eight week online workshop


Our monthly Artists’ Online Video Mastermind call, featuring a different topic or guest presenter each session


Individual training to get unstuck, clarify your goals and get a detailed strategy to achieve greater results

You’ve invested years of practise and tens of thousands of dollars honing your craft to a professional level. The Business of Performing teaches the other fifty percent you need to develop a sustainable career as an artist. The stuff that most performers don’t know.