Weekly Artists' Online Mastermind

We need artists.

Artists are people with a genius for finding a new answer, a new connection or a new way of getting things done.

That would be you.

Seth Godin

Are you a professional performer actively pursuing and advancing your career by taking control of your work and sharing it regularly with the world? Then ALGONQUIN is for you!

Inspired by the famous Algonquin Round Table – a celebrated group of New York City writers, critics, actors and ‘wits’ who met for lunch each day at the Algonquin Hotel to discuss, collaborate and generally ‘make a ruckus’, Matthew Carey hosts ALGONQUIN – the Artists’ Online Mastermind each Sunday.

The charter members of the original Algonquin group (1919-1929) called themselves the “Vicious Circle”. They included George S. Kaufman (playwright/director), Dorothy Parker (critic/poet/writer), Brock Pemberton (Broadway producer), Harold Ross (editor of The New Yorker) and Robert Benchley. Tallulah Bankhead, Noel Coward and Harpo Marx were frequent guests at the table.

Their regular meetings inspired the members of the Vicious Circle to collaborate creatively. Conversations from the round table would inspire newspaper columns, bestselling books and Broadway plays. It was through their constant collaborating that many gained their national reputations.

The online mastermind is an opportunity for engaged and forward thinking performers to network with other artists who are on similar paths. It is a chance to meet, share what you’re working on, and submit questions or obstacles that you may be wrestling with to the group’s collective wisdom.

Algonquin is held each Sunday from 10.00-11.00am Australian Eastern Time on Zoom, a great video conferencing app.

Use the Google Calendar button to add the next Mastermind Session to your online calendar.


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