Are you tired of feeling unfocussed and out of control?

If you’re an artist or performer, your work depends on YOU. You spent years training in your craft to become a master, and lots of time and money to become good at what you do. Musician, comedian, actor, dancer – you can PERFORM.  

But still, you feel lost a lot of the time. You don’t know how to spend your time. Should you take gigs? Try to make more money? Learn how to market and promote yourself? You don’t know how to attract the right opportunities and keep them coming in.

I know what it’s like to be a professional artist, but feel like an amateur in your career.

I created the Creativity Breakthrough Program because I was a professional when it came to performing, but an amateur when it came to business. I remember feeling stuck in the same place professionally, I didn’t know how to spend my time – should I keep performing? Try to make more money? Learn how to market and promote myself better? I knew there must be a more professional and structured way to approach my career. I was so frustrated I thought about ending my career performing. Taking the same old action was only netting me the same old results. A lot of my friends and colleagues were in the same position!

I decided, “Enough is enough.” I learned the RIGHT approach to my career and the business-side and turned my talents into REAL opportunities that fulfilled and sustained me emotionally and financially. My freelance career began to take off, playing for international theatre stars such as Liza Minelli and booking long running tours with The Sound of Music, Kinky Boots and Mamma Mia! I now help artists and people just like you in my Creativity Breakthrough Program. I help talented people streamline their business so it runs smoothly, feels professional, and allows financial and creative flow.

In 3 months, you learn what took me years to learn. I’ve spent 25+ years in the industry working in Australia and abroad alongside the world’s finest entertainers. The training in this program is specifically designed for performing artists to transform yourself and your career.

In Creativity Breakthrough you’ll learn:

  • How to create financial security and a strong foundation with money; this will allow you to create and pursue opportunities with freedom, not fear or overwhelm.
  • Confidence, freedom from stress, anxiety, worry. Feeling like you can trust yourself to make the right decisions
  • Stop wasting time, especially getting frustrated when you encounter obstacles, procrastination, indecision, and when you feel stuck
  • How to quit fumbling around, making mistakes and start making intelligent projections about your sales and cash flow.
  • Amplify your strengths by getting the right team.
  • Level up your income and attract the right opportunities by focusing your time ONLY on things that make a real difference.
  • Simplify your day to day by developing smart systems that help your business run smoothly and stress free.
  • Identify which activities drag you down, move you away from your professional goals, and that keep you stuck.

I didn’t know if I had the time to get coaching, but what’s actually happened is I have much more free time now because I take action much faster instead of feeling stressed out from waiting to decide or putting off decisions; I don’t let things dance around my head for longer than necessary. Working with Matthew, who holds me accountable, I now feel much more confident to reach and fulfil my potential.

Mark Trenwith


You CAN be the artist AND the business-person you want to be.

This 12-week program will transform your clarity, confidence, and focus.

You’ll see your career move forward & produce measurable results.

You’ll stop hating the business-side of your career by doing what you do best AND getting paid for it! In 30 minutes a day you’ll be working smarter, not harder on your business systems so you SEE impact.

Creativity Breakthrough includes:

  • 3 months private coaching for customized support & training
  • Weekly 1:1 calls (60 mins) with coach: 12 Total
  • Audio recordings of every call so you can review at any time
  • Unlimited email access for questions/obstacles that arise
  • Group Q&A calls each month: learn & engage with fellow artists
  • Exclusive supplemental materials for download
  • The entire program (coaching sessions included) is conducted online, so there are no disruptions if you’re away for a gig or on tour. You can call in from wherever you are.
  • Get accountability, guidance, and feedback on your specific goals
Matthew very quickly helped me identify my big WHY of what I do. I had a zillion ideas but struggled to know what to actually work on, and when. We quickly focused on my most important values, and because of Matthew’s knowledge of the creative arts, his advice is invaluable. It means I don’t have to explain the nuances of this particular industry. I feel so much more focused, productive and content. Jenny Wynter


Learn how to:

  • Uncover your big WHY to find the work that satisfies you most
  • Build an audience of loyal fans who support your work artistically and financially
  • Develop a modern marketing plan
  • Make worthwhile work that people will want to talk about
  • Take control of your career instead of waiting for permission from the gatekeepers
  • Sell your work without selling your soul
  • Build creative assets that appreciate in value over time
  • Increase the lifetime value of each project
  • Position yourself and your work so that it is truly outstanding
  • Understand how smart strategies and simple systems can save you time and frustration

How to know if the program is right for you

Sometimes signing up for a program is not the right thing to do:

  • When it’s a course full of information you might never use
  • When you have no reason to stay committed and put your new knowledge into action
  • When it’s not designed for someone doing the brave creative work of an artist
  • When making a financial commitment is likely to cause hardship to you and your loved ones

What artists know is that nothing of real value is borne without the discomfort of trying something new and beginning before you know that it will work.

“Only when the pain of not doing it got greater than the imagined pain of doing it did I somehow find the balls to pursue what I really wanted.”James Rhodes

If you’ve read this far and sense that this program is right for you, there’s a good chance it’s time for you to take that leap.

Three months from now you can be stepping into a new phase of your career, with confidence, focus and systems that will work for you for years to come. You can be part of a network of performing artists who are embracing new ways of driving their careers forward; engaging in work that matters with people who care.

Or you could still be where you are now, just three months further behind those artists who trusted themselves enough to get started.

I’m just four weeks into the Creativity Breakthrough program and I already have a much clearer direction and a compass to help guide me. I encourage anyone who is feeling frustrated or lost in the industry to try this program. It’s enabled me to feel much more in control of my career. Jessica Mills


The next step is easy.

Email me to set up a time to talk. We’ll see where you are right now, where you want to go, and what’s in the way of you getting there. I’ll do my best to get you feeling clear and confident.  [email protected]

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