Finding your voice

by | Apr 2, 2016

How do you find your voice as an artist?

By using it.

Speak up and speak out. Then shut up and listen. Listen carefully. Rinse, and repeat.

Of course I’m referring to your artistic voice, which isn’t always the one that comes from your larynx.

Your artistic voice can be your writing, dance, music or images. The same principle applies for each.

I’ll elaborate…

Speak up.

You don’t find your voice and then begin creating art. You find it while you’re doing the work.

My belief is you’re only an artist while you’re in the process of making art. The rest of the time you’re the girl who says she’s going to create something, or the guy who used to do that thing.

An artist is someone who does, not someone who is.

Speak out.

Have opinions and share them publicly. In your work.

I like this… I agree with that… Here’s what I think… Have you thought about this…? What if we did it this way instead…? This makes me mad because…

Shut up…

Artists sometimes find this difficult. But it’s essential.

…and listen.

Pause and listen to your heart.

Was I truthful?

Pause and listen to how the world is responding to your voice. Take note of what resonates with your audience and what rankles them. You shouldn’t let others define what you say or do, but it’s valuable to use their reactions to validate, challenge and hone your voice until you are making the impact you seek.

Rinse and repeat.

Take what you’ve learned from the process and then repeat the loop.

Being an artist is a state of evolution – constantly learning, adapting, refining and then redefining.

Be a contender

How will they know you’re ready? When you step up and demonstrate it through your actions. By taking a leap and showing that you know how to play the game. The beauty is that once you’ve begun, you no longer need someone else’s permission.

Build your own dream team

When you let your lack of skills in a certain area stop you from doing the work you’re meant to do, it’s time to look at who else is on your team.
Chances are that your current personal and professional network is already brimming with untapped ’super powers’.

Be intentional

Consider how much time you put aside for those things that you say are important in your day to day life and make certain that you’re being intentional today in a way that will matter tomorrow.

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The Modern Museum of You

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