Be grateful for what you can give

by | Apr 4, 2016

It’s all about giving.

Give your time, your energy, your ideas, your opinions, your money and your heart.

Give without knowing how it will come back to you, because the return on investment is mysterious, but real.

Give time to yourself. Ignore Facebook for a month, turn off the tv, don’t kid yourself that you don’t have time or energy for that thing you’ve been meaning to do. When you block out the time and approach your task like a professional, the rewards far outweigh the instant gratification of your most insidious time waster.

Give your thoughts and feedback generously to others. When you know how to approach this productively this is an amazing gift to offer. It shows that you value them and their work enough to give it your serious consideration, and offers them the opportunity to stretch and improve their work. As a bonus, offering your insight can help clarify your own thinking.

Give your energy to others. Stop everything else you’re doing and focus singularly on them. Listen attentively, because feeling like you’ve been heard is incredibly meaningful. When you have something to offer – roll up your sleeves and dig in. (Two heads are better than one, many hands make light work and a friend in need…)

Give your ideas to the world. Your ideas really are worthless until you share them with the world. Being courageous to share your thoughts offers the opportunity to have them validated, or be given generous feedback so that you can re-work them as needed.

Give your money. To people who make a difference. Invest in people, not things. Give your money where you see a high return on investment for the people or causes you’re giving your money to.

Give your heart. When you find  people who matter to you, give them your love, your enthusiasm and your respect.

Give thanks. For the situations that confirm you’re right and those that show where you’re wrong. For people who agree with your opinions and those who oppose them. For the people who’ll say you’ll never do it and those who stay by your side until you do. The world is full of possibilities and you’ll only reap the rewards if you accept life’s challenges as opportunities.

Give credit. To those who paved the way so you could get to this point. Honour them by being a beacon for others.

Be a contender

How will they know you’re ready? When you step up and demonstrate it through your actions. By taking a leap and showing that you know how to play the game. The beauty is that once you’ve begun, you no longer need someone else’s permission.

Build your own dream team

When you let your lack of skills in a certain area stop you from doing the work you’re meant to do, it’s time to look at who else is on your team.
Chances are that your current personal and professional network is already brimming with untapped ’super powers’.

Be intentional

Consider how much time you put aside for those things that you say are important in your day to day life and make certain that you’re being intentional today in a way that will matter tomorrow.

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The Modern Museum of You

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