How to convert a would-be fan

by | Mar 31, 2016

When your friend discovers the best yoghurt she’s ever tasted at her local market, she knows which stall to go back to next week to buy more.

Netflix suggests your dad might enjoy ‘House of Cards’ based on his previously watched shows. Once he’s worked his way through the first three seasons, Netflix knows to alert him once the new series is ready to view. The service will email a notification and add the new season to his recommended playlist.

You’re onstage, the audience is loving your performance and you’ve generated a room full of brand new fans. The show finishes with a spectacular finale and the crowd going wild. Then the curtain comes down, they finish their drinks and those would-be fans disappear into the night never to be seen or heard from again.

Unless you work on securing your connection with them there and then.

The smartest way to do this is to have fans subscribe to your email list.

Building your email list is the single most effective way to establish a long term relationship with the people who have proven interest in you and your work.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all great ways to keep in touch with your audience, but these social media platforms rely on algorithmic filtering and users checking their feed at the exact time your update scrolls by.

*Snapchat works differently, but messages are ephemeral and can’t offer clickable links when you want to lead fans to further content (reviews, blog posts, listings) or calls to action (ie. booking tickets, purchasing merch.)

An email list gives you the opportunity to connect with your fans on a regular basis, building their trust and keeping their attention. It’s a platform to share ideas that are important to you, projects you’ve been working on and what’s coming up next.

People who subscribe to your email list have already shown enough interest to trust you with their email address. Don’t wait until you have a gig to promote or something to sell to contact them. These people like you and want to know more about you. You have the opportunity to reward their curiosity with entertaining updates and observations on who you are and what you do.

We might fall in love with a single song, or particular show because it resonates with us in some way. But when we fall in love with an artist, it isn’t just with the work they create but with the stories behind the work. Get in the habit of sharing your process – how the song was written, the poster ideas you rejected and candid behind the scenes photos from your last shoot. Once you have earned your audience’s trust and attention they’ll be emailing you, asking when they can see you perform next.

Setting up an email list with AWeber or MailChimp is straight-forward and I believe it is the most powerful way for you to build the fanbase that will support your sustainable career as an artist.

You can promote your email list through your website, social media channels, posters and promotional materials. Catch those brand new fans at your next gig by having a sign-up app ready to go on your phone or tablet at the performance for fans to subscribe on the spot!

Are you a performer who already has an email list? If so, I’d love you to share the subscribe link to your list in the comment section below this post.

If you’ve just realised how important it is to have an email list and would like some assistance getting it set up, I’d love to help you.

Be a contender

How will they know you’re ready? When you step up and demonstrate it through your actions. By taking a leap and showing that you know how to play the game. The beauty is that once you’ve begun, you no longer need someone else’s permission.

Build your own dream team

When you let your lack of skills in a certain area stop you from doing the work you’re meant to do, it’s time to look at who else is on your team.
Chances are that your current personal and professional network is already brimming with untapped ’super powers’.

Be intentional

Consider how much time you put aside for those things that you say are important in your day to day life and make certain that you’re being intentional today in a way that will matter tomorrow.

How to convert a would-be fan

How using a mailing list can help you secure and nuture your relationship with would-be fans.

The Modern Museum of You

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