Audience by Design

Getting audiences to support your career doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable, uninspiring distraction from creating your art.

Audience By Design is an online workshop for creatives who are ready to take control of their own careers. It consists of 8 weeks of small projects that will add up to a big change in how you think about yourself as an artist and how you feel about the work you create. 

This program is not just access to information, but a structure and process designed to get you unstuck from the whirlpool of creative avoidance and propel your projects and career forward.

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Algonquin Artist’s Online Mastermind is an opportunity for engaged and forward thinking performers to network with other creatives who are on similar paths. It is a chance to meet, share what you’re working on, and submit questions or obstacles that you may be wrestling with to the group’s collective wisdom.

Each session features a different theme and guest presenter. You can join the conversation easily from wherever you are in the world using the Zoom videoconferencing app.

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Creative Career & Business Coaching enables you to clarify and achieve your professional goals. These might include starting work on the project you’ve always dreamed about, focusing on doing more of the work that energises you and less of the work that doesn’t, increasing your income by charging what you’re worth, or developing creative assets that will offer some longer term security.

Every artist gets ‘stuck in the weeds’ from time to time. Sometimes you’re so close to the work that you “can’t see the label from inside the jar.”  Through his work with clients, Matthew (founder of The Business of Performing) is experienced at helping you get unstuck by articulating your dreams, clarifying your goals and determining your next steps.

A recent client said “Matthew genuinely cares about you as an artist and as a human. He is thoughtful and compassionate. When you work with him you feel empowered and safe. You are in a place where you belong. Through working with Matthew you can embrace the tension and nervousness of exploring new ideas without having to travel the road alone.”

Let’s talk about how coaching could transform your creative career.

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